News and Updates

New Bill in the USA

On 19th July 2021, one year after the death of Rep John Lewis, Representative Jim McGovern of Massachussetts became the new sponsor for the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Bill.  For more details go to

The 16th International Conference of War Tax Resisters and Peace Tax Campaigns

took place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 30th November to 2nd December 2019, with twenty participants from six countries.  The weekend also included a visit of support to the "peace camp" at the gates of the Faslane nuclear submarine base. Potted history of CPTI up to and beyond Edinburgh.

July 2020: Death of Congressman John Lewis

For many years, Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, a distinguished veteran of the Civil Rights movement, had been peace tax's biggest friend in Washington.  In Congress after Congress he brought forward bills, most recently in 2011 (see below)

UK Bill - postscript

The 2016 Bill ran out of time; Conscience, the UK campaign, now plans to introduce a new Bi

2016: Peace Tax Bill in the UK

A hundred years after conscientious objection to military service was legalised in the UK, a Bill to extend the right into the tax system is being introduced in Parliament by Ruth Cadbury MP, whose Cadbury and Rowntree grandfathers were both conscientious obbjectors in the 1914-18 War.  For more details go to  

In memoriam 5: Roy Prockter

Roy took over from Dirk as Secretary.  A freelance accountant, who with Robin Brookes had been a member of the Peacetay Seven, he handled the move of CPTI's registered address to England.  In June 2016 he called on a client, by cycle as usual, and collapsed and died on announcing himself at reception,  He was only 64.

In memoriam 4; Dirk Panhuis

Dirk was the first Secretary of CPTI, and itsregistered address until 2014 was at his home in Leuven, Belgium.  He retired after the 2014 Bogota Conference, but it was to everyone's surprise that he sadly died later that year.

In memoriam3: Marian Franz

Marian Franz (1930 - 2013), Pedro's predecessor as CPTI President, was for many years a tireless campaigner with the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund in the United States, see "A Persistent Voice", Cascadia, Telford PA, 2009, a collection of her writings edited by David Bassett, Stever Ratzlaff and Tim Godshall.  Earlier,she and her husband Delton, a baptist minister, had