Tax Resistance and Political Changes

Goals: (as formulated by Carolyn)

  1. To take away power of US government to make war except for defense of borders.
  2. To deny my consent to military efforts of my government.
  3. Variety of reasons, civil disobedience, peace tax legislation, change of military policy.
  4. Not my $ for war: civil disobedience.
  5. Witness against inequitable distribution of resources; awaken public awareness.
  6. Deny consent; raise public consciousness of the connection between profit and armaments.
  7. One aspect of objection to the military, to work to undermine the military whether he succeeds or not. Increase democracy and power of citizens, witness.
  8. Passage of civil disobedience legislation. Distribution of peace building.
  9. To withdraw money for war, personal witness.
  10. Coordinate all various elements.
  11. Whole new behavior.

Summary of goals:

  • Personal witness,
  • Recognition of the right to conscientious objection,
  • Passage of Peace Tax legislation.
  • To take away the governments' ability to wage war by de-funding it.
  • To raise public awareness.
  • To increase citizen democracy and power.

Necessary steps:

  • Members of broader peace movements must adopt war tax resistance as a strategy.
  • Dissemination of information, education.
  • Make people free from fear of breaking the law. Convincing people that they can have an influence.
  • Positive legislation: safety can be obtained without the military.
  • Positive education and actions.


  • Education is the key. Educating people to be not fearful, to take individual responsibility, to be knowledgeable about militarism, to be aware of peace tax legislation, to find concrete small actions.
  • Respect the position of war tax resistance of all sides.
  • Positive role models; research past experience.


  • Coordinated action related to the European parliament.
  • Support the Italian campaign for the Palestinians.
  • Form an international project, have it as part of our final statement.
  • We can increase our effectiveness by sharing information.
  • Educating ourselves!