Thirteenth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns

2–4 July 2010, Sandefjord, Norway

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Thirteenth International Conference Participants

Since 1986 there has been a biennial international conference for war tax resisters and peace tax campaigners. CPTI was founded at one of these in Spain in 1994. This year, 58 Participants from 11 countries met in Norway for the 13th International Conference.

One Discussion Group Finds a Pleasant Venue

Our UN Representatives Confer with a Conference Organiser

Thanks to Our Conference Hosts

The conference was launched in Sandefjord Church on Friday afternoon, with dancing by Ragnhild Synnøve Bjannes and Marit Gjølme Dalva and a lecture given by Per Ingvar Haukeland: "New Earth, New Peace: Listening to the Voice of Conscience". Later that evening, there was more discussion with Per Ingvar at Skiringsaal College where the conference continued.

Saturday was a full day, starting with update reports from each country represented. This was followed by a lecture by Nils Butenschøn: "Taxes for Peace, Not War: A Human Rights Perspective." This talk was open to the public and some Sandefjord citizens came to hear and join the discussion afterwards. In the afternoon there was a presentation of the Norwegian Peace Tax Study, based on a new book written by Alexander Harang of the Norwegian Peace Tax Alliance: Peace Tax 2010. Copies in Norwegian and English were distributed to all conferees. Later, workshops were conducted, looking deeply into specific aspects of the campaign. In the evening, participants were able to relax and sing Norwegian folk songs with Odd Georg Murud.

On Sunday, conferees met to sum up the conference and decide where the next conference in 2012 will take place. More information about the latter will be posted on this Web site once details are finalized. The conference concluded with the writing of an open letter to governments of all nations, all houses of worship and religious organizations, and human rights leaders of the world. Read the open letter (PDF file, 152 KB, new window) or download a copy for your own use (word pro­cessed file, 72 KB, new window).

Photographs courtesy of Friedrich Heilmann.

Opening Lecture by Per Ingvar Haukeland

A Question from the Audience

Time to Relax with a Song

Our Last Meal as We Thank the Catering Staff