Eighth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Washington, DC USA 2000

Table of Contents

Introductory Material

International Project Proposals

Program Schedules

Post-Conference Events

Evening Presentations

Workshop Reports

  1. Lobbying in National Legislatures
  2. Two-thirds World Issues
  3. Sustaining War Tax Resistance
  4. The United Nations
  5. Return of Star Wars
  6. Lobbying in International Forums
  7. Defining Ourselves and Our Action: The Extreme Importance of Words
  8. Promoting Support for Conscientious ObjectionTo Military Taxation in Religious Bodies
  9. Counseling War Tax Resisters and Those Counting the Cost
  10. Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation as a Human Right
  11. The Story of Two IRS Seizures: Colrain, Massachusetts
  12. Comparison of Legislation Proposed by Members of Different Countries
  13. Children and Future Generations
  14. Storytelling
  15. War Tax Resistance in Context
  16. Judicial Efforts and Strategies
  17. The History Project

Country Reports

Poems and Songs

Conscience and Peace Tax International